Making Outdoor Photography Shoots Easier

Trying to carry everything and keep it all safe when you’re out on a photography shoot is less than easy. However, there’s an answer to this problem.For over 40 years (actually since 1967) Lowepro has been a leader in providing protective carrying solutions to both professional and weekend enthusiast photographers the world over.Their passion is photography and providing the protective gear you need to keep your equipment safe. It is not easy as many photographers go into some rough places and environments in their quest to capture extraordinary photos.Currently Lowepro is distributing their products to over 100 countries and regions around the globe. It is their goal to design and provide the equipment photographers need to enjoy their passion of capturing the moment while keeping their investment safe.

The company has not always been so large. Back in the early days of Lowepro they operated out of a garage in Colorado. They have come a long way through diligent and dedicated work. Today they enjoy taking the feedback of amateur and professional photographers alike in order to create better products for them.As you might imagine from a company that support the taking of images of our great natural world — they are actively involved in helping preserve our planet. They have participated in and are currently involved with several organizations that are working to protect and preserve our earth.In line with preserving our earth Lowepro recently introduced their new Terraclime Series of camera bags. These bags are designed from 95% recycled materials. In addition to carrying camera gear these bags are also designed to carry many different digital products. Lowepro provides Terraclime bags from small pouches that work for ultra compact point and shoot cameras, to bags that hold GPS units, iPods, Smartphones and their largest shoulder model which can carry a DSLR camera with attached lenses.The Terrraclime comes in a total of 4 different sizes. What they term the Terraclime 10, Terraclime 30, Terraclime 50 and Terraclime 100. As you might expect, the large the number the bigger the bag.  For example the 100 has interior dimensions in inches as follows: 10.4 wide, 4.7 depth and 6.7 in height.For those that are curious the smaller bags re-use 2 ½ plastic bottles while the largest re-use 22 bottles. A portion of all income from this new line of bags will be donated to Polar Bears International to help in preserving the habitat of the polar bear. So Lowepro is providing a two edged sword that cuts two ways into protecting our earth.

Lowepro has received many awards over the years for their great designs. While there history has been more in photography as mentioned above they now carry a line or products that cover all your digital carry needs. So whether you need to safely pack around a camera, GPS unit or laptop they have a bag for you!There are numerous retail stores around the world where you can pick out a great Lowepro bag for your digital gear. You will also discover great deals online.


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